An innovative program rewarding « smart » entrepreneurship

Here at CGI we develop innovative solutions and services designed to accelerate concretely and durably the digital performance of businesses. « Concretely » because, for us, innovation must be real, efficient, measurable and rapidly deployable. And « Durably » because innovating also means using technology for the common good (Tech for good).

Members with the best ideas will be able to benefit from specific support to bring their solution to life!

register for the innovathon

A 3-phase event

Ideas collection
16th of January to the 20th of March

After this creative thinking phase, 3 ideas will be chosen from each BU/country.

Online challenge
From June, 3rd to June, 13th

10 ideas chosen from the SBU will do battle to get the most online votes.

June, 12th & 13th

The same 10 ideas chosen from the SBU will do battle for 2 days at a hackathon.

Alone or as a team

You can suggest an idea alone or as a team but teamwork is always better! As we are convinced that diversity and social inclusion promote team performance, if you compete as a team, ensure that it is made up of different skills and backgrounds, and don’t hesitate to mix men and women in your team. If you post the idea, you will be the team leader and will be able to include 2 other members in your teams during the creative thinking phase.

After that, you will be able to complete your team for the hackathon (5 teammates in all), with the aim that all the teams be cross-BU and multi-discipline…

You may suggest as many ideas and join as many teams as you wish.

Interested? participate in the CGI innovathon

register for the innovathon

1 idea, 3 chances of winning

  • 3 ideas will be chosen

    within each entity (BU/country/central functions)

    You could win: One of the 3 trophies and the opportunity of being the star of the awards!

  • 10 ideas chosen

    within the SBU will be submitted to online voting to try and win the Public’s choice award.

    You could win: A fantastic, Techforgood-themed trip to Montréal worth 2100€ per person.

  • 10 will do battle at the hackathon – planned for May –to convince the jury.

    You could win: 1st prize: A fantastic, Techforgood-themed trip to Montréal worth 2100€ per person. 2nd and 3rd professional tablets (worth 1000€) and tablets (worth 450€) – the carbon footprint of which will be offset by planting trees.